Emphasis upon the American ceramic art sculpture movement; its history and impact on ceramics and upon those artists using clay in contemporary sculpture.

Researching, writing, and lecturing about American artists who work in traditional craft media in non-traditional ways, and whose aesthetic concerns transcend craft orientations.

Identification, documentation, and aesthetic analysis of artists worldwide who deal with social commentary in their ceramic sculpture. Most notable outcome of this research was curatorial grant from Exhibits USA for a two year traveling exhibition at selected museums titled Confrontational Clay and most recently the book Confrontational Ceramics, A&C Black, London, University of Pennsylvania Press.

Developing strategies to re-vitalize three-dimensional craft/art making in K-12, with an emphasis upon secondary education. Most notable outcome serve on national board of K12 Ceramic Art Foundation and various teacher training workshops.

Organizing symposia, "The Case for Clay in Secondary Art Education" and "Crossings, Alignments and Territories: Criticism in the Craft Arts” , “Clay Forum”.

Researching Art Deco Porcelains of the Noritake Company, 1923-1932. Photography and manuscript completed.

Multiculturalism in the Crafts.

Design and Technology advances in Craft Education. Most notable outcome is Faculty Technology grant from ITS for training on computerized embroidery sewing machines which integrates Photoshop, Embroidery software and computerized sewing machines.

Future of Craft Education.


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